Radio-Canada fuels technological innovation by hosting its first-ever hackathon

February 13, 2017, Montreal

From Friday, March 24 to Sunday, March 26, innovation and leading-edge technologies will take centre stage at Radio-Canada! Members of the Digital Media team are holding their very first hackathon, a friendly competition that encourages participants to experiment with new development concepts in a collaborative, no-holds-barred setting. Interested programmers, designers and other digital professionals can register online at until Friday, February 17.

Radio host Matthieu Dugal is the spokesperson for this groundbreaking event to be held at Maison de Radio-Canada in Montreal. During what promises to be an intensely creative and constructive weekend, the hackathon will provide industry players with an environment that promotes skills enhancement, knowledge sharing and innovative thinking. Working in teams of four, participants will be required to develop a web or mobile solution that improves the user experience or applies cutting-edge technology in a novel way. A number of prizes will be presented to the winning teams, decided by a panel of five judges from inside and outside Radio-Canada at the end of the competition.

Our first-ever coding marathon is a chance to explore new avenues for solving complex problems in a very tight timeframe,” said Maxime St-Pierre, Radio-Canada’s Executive Director of Digital Media. “It’s also a fantastic opportunity to connect with professionals from a variety of backgrounds, get them all in one room and innovate together.”

To support the hackathon effort, Digital Media will provide the innovators with rare access to some of the group’s internal data through various APIs (Application Program Interfaces). Plus, as part of Radio-Canada’s ongoing drive to make its digital platforms accessible to people with disabilities, the resulting prototypes must meet at least WCAG 2.0 AA standards. The hackathon is also designed to be eco-friendly, with sustainable development principles being incorporated into all levels of event organization.

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