#DigiCanCon: Minister of Canadian Heritage releases Consultation Report

February 21, 2017

The Minister of Canadian Heritage has released the government's Consultation Report: "What we heard across Canada: Canadian Culture in a Digital World".

The report, by Ipsos Public Affairs, identifies key themes from the government's public consultation last year.

CBC/Radio-Canada is pleased to see that Canadians continue to value the role of their public broadcaster in providing them with trusted news and information, and the best in Canadian culture. At the same time, the report notes a number of suggestions from contributors on the role of the public broadcaster in the future.

CBC/Radio-Canada has shared its vision for a strong Canadian cultural sector, "A Creative Canada". We recommend that the government develop a cohesive creative investment strategy including a Canadian cultural industries council, using the success of the UK’s Creative Britain initiative as an inspiration. We recommend increased investment in culture, including in CBC/Radio-Canada. This would allow the corporation to remove advertising from all of its platforms, focus on its public service mandate, and do much more to anchor Canada’s cultural ecosystem.

Today's consultation report is an important addition to the discussions about the future of Canadian culture. We look forward to discussing these ideas with the government and with Canadians in the months ahead.

Hubert T. Lacroix
President and CEO

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