Canada: The Story of Us – CBC to host live digital conversations to further engage with Canadians

April 11, 2017


As Canada's public broadcaster, we are committed to connecting Canadians to their country, their history and each other. Whenever you recount a country's history, there will inevitably be citizens, historians and politicians who will have different points of view, and that’s certainly been the case with Canada: The Story of Us.

After the first two episodes, some people felt misrepresented and for that, we apologize. We fully recognize that not everyone will agree with every perspective presented. Our intention was never to offend anyone or any group, nor diminish the importance of any of the stories that were not included.

We are listening to those who have already expressed views about the series and we will continue to listen. So, in the spirit of encouraging this important dialogue about Canada’s history, on Tuesday, April 18, after the next episode goes to air, we will host the first in a series of live digital conversations. The goal is to foster discussion and debate – in English and in French – about the series, its’ stories and generally, what’s on the minds of Canadians when it comes to Canada’s history.

The conversations will provide an opportunity for anyone and everyone to engage directly with us and each other online. In each broadcast, we’ll also include the perspectives of those who have sent us emails, called in, or posted on social media.

Each of these digital conversations will be archived online and form a repository that will be available at:

More details on the live digital conversations will be announced in the coming days.

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For additional information, please contact:
  • Chuck Thompson
    Head of Public Affairs, CBC English Services
    tel. 416-205-3747
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  • Emma Bedard
    Public Affairs, CBC
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