An industry first: Public broadcasters and distributors to work together on content export initiative

April 19, 2017, Montreal

A major collaborative initiative between key players in the distribution industry was announced. To enable and support the export of local content, CBC/Radio-Canada, the National Film Board (NFB), francetv distribution (FTD), the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP), Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), YLE – The Finnish Broadcasting Company, and Corporación Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) are joining forces to launch

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Back row: Tony Iffland, General Manager, Content Sales ABC, Jukka Kaivola, Head of sales, YLE Rafael Bardem, Head of international sales RTVE, James A. Roberts, Director, Distribution & Market Development at NFB.
Front row: Daniel Deusdado, Programme Director RTP, Maryline Thiriot, Responsable Distribution B2B RTS, Vera Taquenho, International Content Sales RTP, Olivier Trudeau, Senior Director, Distribution and Partnerships CBC/Radio-Canada, Aurélie Caille, Directrice générale france tv distribution, Anne Hébert, Manager Market development Distribution and Partenariats CBC/Radio- Canada, Stéphane Cardin Vice-President Industry and Public Affairs, FMC, Jose Navarro, International Content Programmer RTP.

An initiative spearheaded by CBC/Radio-Canada, Canada’s public broadcaster, the platform aims to facilitate and promote the export of video content to emerging markets and digital service providers. To help bring more locally created content to the world, the groundbreaking business solution provides industry buyers with an online system to acquire multiplatform broadcast or licensing rights on an as-needed basis. will launch in fall 2017 with a catalogue of over 500 hours of content from the participating public broadcasters. While initially focused on documentary content, the offering will be expanded in future to include a wide and extensive range of content.

The Canada Media Fund (CMF), the project’s original funding partner, shares CBC/Radio-Canada’s vision. “The Canada Media Fund is proud to support this initiative aimed at finding solutions to the challenges of managing film and television rights in the digital age,” said Valérie Creighton, president and CEO of the Canada Media Fund. “The alliance of eight renowned public broadcasters and distributors gives the project an international impetus. This innovative platform will allow local productions to enjoy much wider circulation by providing them with a simpler, quicker path to the market.

The project emerged from a common interest among market players to bring local creative innovation to the world,” said Jean Mongeau, General Manager and Chief Revenue Officer, CBC/Radio-Canada, Media Solutions. “The Canadian public broadcaster’s vision is focused on building the future, sharing content and championing culture. So, we are very proud to announce this collaborative venture with the major industry players.”

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