Radio-Canada's commercial music scores preserved at Carleton University Library

May 10, 2018

Radio-Canada is proud to announce today that Carleton University’s MacOdrum Library in Ottawa will preserve the public broadcaster’s entire collection of commercial music scores. The MacOdrum Library owns one of Canada’s largest music score collections, along with a number of other specialized collections. The material donated by Radio-Canada will add to the rich musical heritage housed at the library for the benefit of all Canadians.

Following the call for interest issued in January 2018, Radio-Canada selected the MacOdrum Library to preserve its entire collection of 113,000 commercial music scores comprising 46,000 titles. Radio-Canada will retain long-term usage rights to meet its production needs. The main criteria established by the selection committee, which was made up of Radio-Canada programmers, were the ability to take possession and maintain the entire collection, the possibility for Radio-Canada to retain access to the collection for its production needs, the storage and cataloguing conditions, and the manner in which the collection would be showcased. Radio-Canada is also on the verge of signing an agreement with Library and Archives Canada for the preservation of the 4,000 handwritten scores in its possession.


Radio-Canada is issuing a call for interest today to find cultural or educational institutions willing and able to acquire as is, free of charge, maintain and showcase its vinyl record collection comprising 119,000 unique titles, including approximately 83,000 33 RPM, 23,000 45 RPM and 10,000 78 RPM records. Interested institutions, businesses or organizations have until May 24, 2018, to express their interest. The call for interest form is available now at Radio-Canada reserves the right to donate the collection to one or more interested institutions, considering any factor that it deems to be in its best interest and that of Canadians, and will retain access to the collections for its production requirements.

In preparation for the move to the new MRC slated for 2020, the responsible management process for Radio-Canada’s collections is being spearheaded by the Corporation’s Heritage Management Committee in consultation with Library and Archives Canada.

As part of the call-for-interest process currently underway for non-heritage furnishings and props, nearly a hundred educational or cultural institutions will visit the Maison de Radio-Canada warehouse in Montreal in the next weeks to take possession of items with the view of giving them a second life. The next steps of this process will be announced in due course.

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