Radio-Canada to retain unique titles in vinyl record collection

November 27, 2018

Radio-Canada announced today that it would retain its vinyl record collection of 119,000 unique titles. Following the call for interest issued in May 2018, no proposal met all of the requirements to Radio-Canada’s satisfaction. The Heritage Management Committee therefore decided that it would be preferable to retain the collection of unique titles, including 86,000 33 RPM, 23,000 45 RPM and 10,000 78 RPM records, and to begin searching for a suitable storage facility. This will enable Radio-Canada to ensure the integrity and long-term preservation of the collection, while maintaining access for production teams.


Radio-Canada is also pleased to announce that the duplicate copies in its vinyl collection, totalling 45,000 33 RPM records, will be donated to Radio VM. The non-profit organization showed a keen interest in the material and submitted an outstanding proposal in response to the call for interest. As a result, a wide variety of titles will get a useful second life for the benefit of the community.

Founded in 1995, Radio VM (CIRA-FM) offers radio programming focused on topics of human, social, cultural and spiritual interest. Informing, entertaining and educating are at the heart of its mission. With stations in Montreal, Rimouski, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières and Victoriaville, Radio VM covers a large part of Quebec, while also reaching listeners across Canada and around the world via the web and podcasts. It airs a broad range of music – from classical, jazz and contemporary, to gospel, organ and Gregorian chant – including a large amount of Canadian content.

In a little over a year, Radio-Canada will be moving into its new Montreal broadcast centre. Today’s announcements are part of the Heritage Management Committee’s overall efforts to optimally ensure the long-term serviceability and accessibility of Radio-Canada collections. The process is already well underway and being conducted in consultation with Library and Archives Canada, which had the opportunity to select some Canadian titles from among the duplicate 33 RPM records.


Radio-Canada will issue a call for interest in spring 2019 to donate 127,000 triplicates and surplus copies of vinyl records, as well as 80,000 duplicate CDs.

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