CBC/Radio-Canada’s educational platform now available in all public elementary and high schools across Quebec

January 30, 2019, Montreal is pleased and proud to announce an agreement with Quebec’s Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES) that will see all of the province’s public elementary and high schools granted user licences for the next three years, through June 2021. Currently, over three million students and teachers in 3,000 educational institutions across Canada have access to the platform launched five years ago. to support the MEES’s Digital Action Plan

The agreement fits perfectly with the MEES’s plan to bring the benefits of the digital revolution to the teaching profession. The plan calls for Quebec’s education system not only to adapt to digital transformation, but also to be a key driver of change and innovation.

To achieve this, students, staff and educational institutions must be able to capitalize on the many opportunities that digital offers to enhance learning, teaching practices, communication and creativity. In this regard, provides an ideal platform to help students develop critical-thinking skills through video-based learning. the gateway to CBC/Radio-Canada’s best educational content is a subscription-based streaming video service giving Canadian educators access to thousands of hours of high-quality digital content from CBC and Radio-Canada, covering all subject matter taught at the various grade levels, in English and French. Working with educators, the team continues to develop teacher guides that make it even easier for teachers to include content in their lesson plans, while providing resources to support their instructional approach.

By using video as a teaching aid, teachers enable students to make critical, informed use of the medium, promoting knowledge discovery and creative expression. Using the content for instructional purposes helps motivate students and empower them in their learning.

The new agreement with Quebec’s education department will allow teams to accelerate the platform’s development and rollout, while adding new content on a daily basis to meet the needs of the educational community.

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