Policy 2.8.1: Business Development

Effective Date: March 1, 2006
Responsibility: Vice President, Strategy and Business Development


Business development is responsible for those activities that lead to strategic business arrangements, which fall under the responsibility of the Business Development Steering Committee (BDSC) and those of the Executive Director of Business Development identified below under Roles and Responsibilities. All references in this Policy to business development opportunities and activities exclude those of Real Estate, which has a separate revenue mandate.

All business development activities will be evaluated on a set of flexible metrics depending on the type of activity undertaken. Business development projects will typically fall in one or both of the following categories:

  1. Fulfillment or extension of mandate services;
  2. Increasing self-generated (excluding advertising) cash flow by:
    1. Increasing revenues;
    2. Reducing expenditures; and
    3. Cost avoidance.

Therefore, prior to undertaking a particular project, business development management should clearly identify the category in which the project will fall. Project metrics or performance measures can then be established based on this determination. Performance measures will include both objective (quantitative) and subjective (qualitative) criteria and should be established early in the project cycle.

Objective or quantitative measures include utilizing the discounted cash flow method with emphasis on internal rate of return (IRR) and net present value (NPV) and/or other valuation methods to evaluate financial potential and mitigate risks of opportunities under consideration.

Subjective or qualitative measures can include CBC brand extension, broadening the audience reach of CBC programs and/or promoting the broadcast of CBC/ Radio-Canada programs.

At the conclusion of a project, results will be reviewed against performance measures established at the outset of the project.

All business development activities are subject to Corporate Policy 2.9.3 – Delegation of Signing Authority.


This is a new policy.


  • Corporate Policy 2.9.3: Delegation of Signing Authority


All questions pertaining to the interpretation or application of this policy should be referred to the Executive Director of Business Development.


Corporate Secretariat



The Business Development Steering committee has been established to identify and prioritize business development opportunities and activities. The committee is comprised of senior management personnel responsible for business development activities within the traditional media (ETV, FTV, ER, FR), New Media, Merchandising and Galaxie as well as CBC Technology/Transmission. Other functional areas may be added from time to time where business development opportunities are identified.

The BDSC will convene on a quarterly basis to review and co-ordinate business development activities across the corporation. The committee will seek to leverage the experience of participants to benefit business development activities throughout the CBC. The steering committee will also serve as a knowledge-sharing forum and committee members will be responsible for ensuring relevant information is disseminated into their respective areas of the Corporation.

The BDSC is chaired by the Executive Director of Business Development, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of cross-corporate business development activities on behalf of the Vice-President of Strategy and Business Development.


The sharing of information, knowledge and expertise is a key requirement of the policy in supporting the decision-making process pertaining to Business Development initiatives. It is imperative therefore, that there is a process in place to capture such information, store it in an appropriate repository, which can be accessed and shared by the appropriate people.

The Corporation has gathered and developed significant expertise in many areas gained through multiple business development activities. The knowledge from CBC business development projects is to be stored in an appropriate repository that can be accessed by all authorized members of the business development team to share best practices and leverage work performed on previous initiatives.

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