Blanket Travel Authority (BTA)

Effective April 4, 2016, all non-programming and non-emergency travel for CBC/Radio-Canada requires pre-approval before the booking is made.

However, if you are a frequent traveller and it doesn’t make sense to repeatedly request pre-approval from your manager, you can apply for Blanket Travel Authority (BTA) form.

Once approved, BTA exempts employees and their managers from individual pre-approvals. When you book with HRG, you will still be asked to indicate what type of travel you are doing (Programming, Non-Programming; Emergency); however, a pre-approval email for non-Programming travel will no longer be sent to your manager.

Travel that is eligible for BTA includes:

  • Individuals who are required to travel semimonthly, or more frequently between Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto to supervise employees;
  • Supervisors or employees whose duties include responsibility for a large region through which semi-monthly or more frequent travel is required; or
  • Any other employee travel that is so frequent or repetitive that creates an administrative burden that exceeds the benefits of the pre-approval system.

Getting approval for BTA:
In order to apply for BTA, the traveller requesting BTA needs to:

  • Fill out the Blanket Travel Authority (BTA) form;
  • Obtain your manager’s sign-off (either actual signature or email authorization); and
  • Ask your manager to submit the form to the Component VP for their sign-off (either actual signature or email authorization).

Finalizing your BTA:
Once Component Vice-President pre-approval has been obtained, your manager should forward the approved form to your Component finance team:

Please also send the approved form to the Corporate Travel Manager (

Renewing your BTA:
All BTAs expire at the end of each fiscal year (April 1 to March 31). It is your responsibility to reapply for a new one.

Claiming expenses for BTA travel
When completing your travel expense claims, please always attached the approved BTA to each claim.

Important note for Managers/Supervisors:
While managers/supervisors will no longer receive individual pre-approval requests, they will still be responsible for approving any related expense claims that are generated during BTA travel. It is important that managers/supervisors fully understand the Policy on Employee Related Expenses and Reimbursements. Submission or approval of any employee reimbursement claim in violation of this Policy may be viewed as defrauding the Corporation and will be subject to investigation under policy 2.3.11 Fraud and Theft.

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