Directive on Monitoring of Employee Individual Corporate Credit Cards

Effective Date: April 1, 2016
Responsibility: Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer


This Directive applies to the Network/Regional Finance and Administration Officers and the Corporate Travel Manager, responsible for the approval of corporate credit cards (excluding Corporate Procurement Cards).


To ensure compliance with the Rules and Procedures on Employee Individual Corporate Credit Cards.


Delinquent Payment Status: A credit card for which payment has not been made in excess of 45 days after the billing date.


  1. The designated Network/Regional Finance & Administration Officer must approve all applications for corporate credit cards adhering to the following terms:
    • individuals are permanent employees, contract employees or employees of CBC/Radio-Canada or the CBC/Radio-Canada Pension Board; and
    • individuals are required to travel on CBC/Radio-Canada business more than three times per year; or
    • individuals regularly incur expenses related to duty entertainment and/or internal business hospitality.
  2. Once the cards have been approved, the designated Network/Regional Finance & Administration Officer and/or the Corporate Travel Manager, must conduct the following:
    1. Monthly review of the reports on card status to identify cards with a delinquent payment status.
    2. Annual review and audit of transactional data and/or exception reports.
    3. Annual review of active cardholders to confirm the cardholder status and the employee’s continued need for a corporate credit card and recover cards that have not been used in 18 months, initiated by the Corporate Travel Manager.

For Cards with Delinquent Payment Status

The designated Network/Regional Finance & Administration Officer must follow up with employee and his/her supervisor to confirm that the transactions were for legitimate CBC/Radio-Canada business purposes and advising them of the consequences if the balance is not paid within the allotted time period.

For Unauthorized Use of Corporate Credit Cards
Immediately consult the employee and/or manager on any apparent deviation from policy, misuse of the card or any issues that may jeopardize the Corporation’s reputation. For cases of extreme abuse of corporate credit cards, advise the Corporate Travel Manager or Supply Management.

If deemed necessary, the designated Network/Regional Finance & Administration Officer is permitted to cancel or suspend the card.



All questions pertaining to the interpretation or application of this Directive should be referred to the Corporate Travel Manager.

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