Rules and Procedures on Second Language Testing

Effective Date: April 1, 2018
Responsibility: Vice-President, People and Culture


Note: Governing policies and procedures for unionized employees found in the applicable collective agreements apply if they differ from this policy and its subsidiary instruments.

  1. Internal and external candidates for positions with a bilingual requirement must undergo second language testing administered by CBC/Radio-Canada to demonstrate that they meet the second language proficiency level. The cost of second language testing is borne by People and Culture.
  2. A candidate is exempt from testing if he/she:
    • Has already obtained a level of language proficiency at CBC/Radio-Canada that is equal to or higher than what is required for the position; or
    • Has a university degree in Translation (English/French).
  3. Language testing results from the Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) are valid, provided the results are dated within the last five years of the job posting date. A Level E result (“Exempt”) obtained from the PSC language test, irrespective of the date it was obtained, is valid indefinitely.

    Note: Certified results from other external language tests may be accepted at the discretion of CBC/Radio-Canada. For more information, contact the Human Resources office.

  4. Second language testing results are provided to all candidates. Results for internal candidates are kept indefinitely in the employee file; results for external candidates are stored in the recruitment database for five years.
  5. A candidate is entitled to contest the results within 10 business days of the communication of the results by contacting the Human Resources representative.
  6. An internal candidate who did not reach the required language level at the time of second language testing is entitled to request another testing three months after the last testing by contacting the Human Resources representative, provided he/she:
    • Has taken language training since the second language testing; or
    • Can demonstrate to Human Resources that his/her results are likely to have improved (e.g., due to language immersion or furthered opportunities to use second language).


All questions pertaining to the interpretation of this Rules and Procedures should be referred to the local Human Resources office.

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