Policy on Fleet Management

Effective Date: May 27, 2016
Responsibility: Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer


This Policy applies to all CBC/Radio-Canada employees.


To ensure the effective and efficient management and operation of all CBC/Radio-Canada fleet vehicles.


CBC/Radio-Canada Fleet Vehicle: Any automotive vehicle that is owned, rented or leased by CBC/Radio-Canada (excluding vehicles rented by an employee when he/she is on travel status).
Driver: A full-time, part-time, term or contract employee who is required to drive a CBC/Radio-Canada fleet vehicle.


CBC/Radio-Canada provides vehicles to employees for business purposes and allocates the vehicles in a manner that maximizes their utilization and operational effectiveness. Employees cannot use privately owned vehicles to carry out CBC/Radio-Canada business, except for travel purposes (see Rules and Procedures on Business Travel).

CBC/Radio-Canada maintains all fleet vehicles in a manner that meets or exceeds applicable federal and provincial regulations to ensure that all vehicles are reliable and safe to operate.
Drivers must be in possession of a valid driver’s licence of the class required by law for the vehicle they are operating.

CBC/Radio-Canada fully complies with international drug and alcohol testing laws under the United States Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol Regulations (for drivers of vehicles weighing over 11,794 kg. For more information, see Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing Program Guideline for Commercial Drivers Who Operate Motor Vehicles for the Corporation in the United States.
Smoking in a CBC/Radio-Canada fleet vehicle is strictly prohibited.

Drivers must not, under any circumstances, allow another person to operate a fleet vehicle (including parking, moving the vehicle, etc.).

Drivers are not permitted to transport anyone who is not an employee of CBC/Radio-Canada unless he/she is involved in a CBC/Radio-Canada production.

All fleet vehicles must be returned to CBC/Radio-Canada premises after a driver’s shift unless he/she has obtained written pre-approval from the Local Fleet Co-ordinator to park the vehicle off premises (e.g. at a driver’s residence) (see Rules and Procedures on Fleet Vehicles at an Employee’s Place of Residence).

Breach of any part of this Policy or its Subsidiary Policy Instruments could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.



  • Table on Passengers in a CBC/Radio-Canada fleet vehicle


  • Provincial traffic laws
  • Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing Program Guideline for Commercial Drivers Who Operate Motor Vehicles for the Corporation in the United States


This Policy replaces 2.3.30: Fleet Management (2004).


All questions pertaining to the interpretation or application of this Policy should be referred to the Corporate Fleet Senior Manager.


  • Appendix A – Roles and Responsibilities of Fleet Personnel
  • Appendix B – Annual Sign-off Sheet for Local Fleet Co-ordinators

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