Appendix A – Roles and Responsibilities of Fleet Personnel


The Corporate Fleet Senior Manager is responsible for the overall management of CBC/Radio-Canada’s fleet vehicles, including:

  • Implementing corporate fleet management strategies;
  • Developing and monitoring fleet policies, guidelines and procedures;
  • Vehicle acquisition/replacement, usage and disposal;
  • Oversight of vehicle operation and maintenance;
  • Activity reports;
  • Managing corporate fleet management service agreements;
  • Oversight of supplier activities and performance;
  • Coaching and advising Local Fleet Co-ordinators (LFCs), Operations Managers and fleet vehicle drivers;
  • Ensuring that all vehicles are road worthy (i.e., compliant to federal and provincial regulations);
  • Annually collecting and storing completed LFC sign-off sheets (Appendix B).


The LFC is responsible for co-ordinating all fleet vehicle related activities for their designated region(s), including:

  • Acting on behalf of the Corporate Fleet Senior Manager to ensure application of and compliance with all Policies, Rules and Procedures, Directives, etc.
  • Registering all vehicles under his/her responsibility;
  • Maintaining vehicles in good mechanical condition;
    • Ensuring vehicles undergo periodic mechanical inspections, as per the Preventative Maintenance Intervals and Maintenance Checklist for CBC/Radio-Canada Fleet Vehicles
    • Repair defects noted during pre-departure inspections
  • Ensuring that vehicles meet provincial standards governing the use of the vehicle (e.g., vehicle load and size limits, driving time, load securing, dangerous substances, special permits, number of passengers, etc.);
  • Defining the vehicle requirements of local operations, according to established standards;
  • Ensuring that all vehicle and driver files are complete and up to date;
  • Coaching and advising CBC/Radio-Canada vehicle drivers;
  • Each year, providing a completed sign-off form (Appendix B) to the Corporate Fleet Senior Manager.

III. OPERATIONS MANAGER (Fleet Related Activities)

In terms of fleet related activities, the Operations Manager is responsible for:

  • On an annual basis, ensuring that all drivers have a valid driver’s licence;
  • Maintaining driver files (in locations where the Operations Manager is required to act as LFC);
  • Communicating expectations of driver conduct to drivers;
  • Communicating the obligation to comply with the provincial standards governing the use of the vehicle (e.g., vehicle load and size limits, driving time, load securing, dangerous substances, special permits, number of passengers, etc.) to drivers;
  • Verifying that drivers have completed pre-departure inspections of all vehicles under their responsibility;
  • Ensuring that drivers have completed the proper training programs related to their function.


The driver is responsible for:

  • Maintaining a valid driver’s licence;
  • Immediately reporting all tickets, violations, licence suspensions, accidents and conditions that could make the vehicle unsafe;
  • Obeying all applicable laws, regulations and corporate policies when using a vehicle;
  • Maintaining professional behaviour at all times when using a CBC/Radio-Canada fleet vehicle;
  • Completing pre-departure inspections of all vehicles under his/her responsibility
  • Informing his/her supervisor of any mechanical defects in the vehicle he/she used;
  • Operating vehicles in a safe and responsible manner at all times;
  • Maintaining the interior and exterior of the assigned vehicle, including clearing the vehicle (roof, windshield, side windows and rear window) of snow and ice before driving ;
  • Using good judgment when spending corporate funds (i.e., only purchasing supplies and services that are necessary for business purposes).

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