Appendix C

A driver must charge the following expenses to the fleet credit card that has been assigned to his/her vehicle.

  • Vehicle fuel purchases
  • All parts and maintenance (includes scheduled preventative maintenance and repairs due to accident or breakdown)

From Maintenance and Repair Firms:

All normal maintenance and repair services and parts essential to the operation of CBC/Radio-Canada vehicles or equipment.

From Tire Outlets:

Purchase or repair of tires and related balancing, rotation, etc.

From Oil Companies:

Fuel Filters Routine services (e.g. tire repairs, battery charging, washing, towing, lubrication, emergency repairs).
Oil Windshield washer solvent
Lubricants De-icing fluid

Note: For purchases at outlets/companies not included in this list, see Paying for Maintenance Purchases and Maintenance Purchases Using the ARI Fleet MasterCard.

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