Rules and Procedures on Fleet Vehicles at a Driver's Place of Residence

Effective Date: May 27, 2016
Responsibility: Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer


  1. A driver must obtain written pre-approval from the Local Fleet Co-ordinator (LFC), specifying the period or permission, prior to parking a fleet vehicle at his/her place of residence.
  2. The LFC must maintain a log of all permissions granted (including the vehicle number, name of the driver, address of residence and the time period) for audit purposes.
  3. A driver who has obtained permission to park a vehicle at his/her place of residence must comply with the following:
    1. He/she must only use the vehicle to drive directly from his/her home to CBC/Radio-Canada facilities or the scene of an assignment, and vice versa.
    2. He/she must return the vehicle to the CBC/Radio-Canada location if he/she is absent from scheduled work.
  4. The driver must make every effort to prevent damage or theft of a vehicle while it is parked at his/her place of residence.


All questions pertaining to the interpretation or application of these Rules and Procedures should be referred to the Corporate Fleet Senior Manager.

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