Rules and Procedures on the Fleet Credit Card

Effective Date: May 27, 2016
Responsibility: Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer


I. Assigned Credit Cards

CBC/Radio-Canada assigns a credit card to each fleet vehicle for expenses related to the vehicle for which it was originally issued.

  1. A driver must charge all expenses related to the operation of his/her assigned fleet vehicle to the card assigned to his/her vehicle. Eligible expenses are listed in Appendix C – Acceptable Expenses for the Fleet Credit Card.

    Note: A driver must use good judgment when charging expenses to a fleet credit card, using the card only for supplies and services that are necessary for business purposes.

  2. A driver is only permitted to be in possession of the fleet credit card specifically assigned to the fleet vehicle to which he/she is currently assigned; any other fleet credit card must be immediately returned to the LFC.
  3. If a vehicle is transferred to another employee, the card must be left with the vehicle.
  4. If a vehicle is to be disposed of, the card must be returned to the LFC.

Monitoring of Assigned Credit Cards

On a monthly basis, the LFC must:

  1. Review the fleet credit card usage for all vehicles under his/her responsibility. This review must include a comparison of card charges per kilometre for each vehicle to the established average cost per kilometre for the class of vehicle.
  2. Investigate any cost differences in excess of 15% and report them to the Corporate Fleet Senior Manager.

Note: The LFC must retain records of all comparisons and follow-up investigations for audit purposes.

II. Unassigned Credit Cards

CBC/Radio-Canada also issues unassigned fleet credit cards for all vehicle related expenses for vehicles that have been rented or leased for operational purposes, but have not been assigned a specific credit card. Unassigned credit cards are also used to temporarily replace a vehicle’s assigned credit card that has been misplaced.

  1. The Corporate Fleet Senior Manager must approve the issuance of all fleet credit cards that are not assigned to a specific vehicle.
  2. The LFC is responsible for unassigned fleet credit card(s) and as such must:
    • Ensure that the card(s) are in a secure location when not in use; and
    • Establish a written log for when a card is loaned to a driver, noting the driver’s name, the vehicle number and the time period for which the card was loaned.

Monitoring of Unassigned Credit Cards

On a monthly basis, the LFC must:

  1. Obtain the transaction report for all unassigned credit cards and reconcile them to the log; and
  2. Investigate any unusual charges and report them to the Corporate Fleet Senior Manager.


  • Paying for Maintenance Purchases
  • Maintenance Purchases Using the ARI Fleet MasterCard


All questions pertaining to the interpretation or application of these Rules and Procedures should be referred to the Corporate Fleet Senior Manager.


Appendix C – Acceptable Expenses for the Fleet Credit Card

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