Rules and Procedures on Violations and Driver's Licence Suspensions for Drivers of Fleet Vehicles

Effective Date: May 27, 2016
Responsibility: Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer


  1. A driver must immediately report the following to the Local Fleet Co-ordinator (LFC):
    • Any ticket for a parking violation and/or violation of a traffic law that occurs while he/she is operating a fleet vehicle;
    • A licence suspension that prohibits him/her from operating a fleet vehicle; and
    • Any restriction on a driver’s licence/permit (e.g., restricted driving at night, requirement for a breath analyzer, etc.).
  2. The LFC must report all instances mentioned in Section 1 to the Corporate Fleet Senior Manager for inclusion in the driver’s Human Resources file.
  3. A driver is responsible for paying fines and towing charges related to a parking violation and/or the violation of a traffic law.

    In rare circumstances, CBC/Radio-Canada pays fines and charges related to parking violations, with approval from a manager. The manager must report all fines and charges paid by the Corporation to the LFC.

    The Corporation does not, under any circumstances, pay fees and charges related to the violation of a traffic law.
  4. For audit purposes, the LFC must record all fines and fees related to parking violations paid by CBC/Radio-Canada in a log, indicating the date, type of violation(s), amount(s), and reason(s) that CBC/Radio-Canada paid the fines and/or charges.


All questions pertaining to the interpretation or application of these Rules and Procedures should be referred to the Corporate Senior Fleet Manager.

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