Policy 2.2.19: Industrial Relations

Effective Date: January 1, 2003
Responsibility: Vice-President, People and Culture


In today’s competitive environment, corporations, unions and employees have a joint stake in success of the corporate enterprise. The CBC/Radio-Canada, will work with union representatives, and the employees that our unions represent so that, together we can achieve the CBC/Radio-Canada vision and corporate goals.


All CBC/Radio-Canada unionized employees.


The CBC/Radio-Canada is committed to having a positive industrial relations environment. In doing so, it will have effective communication with unions with a conscious effort to resolve issues promptly, efficiently and through consultation.


Human Resources/Industrial Relations management


Relevant Collective Agreements


  1. HR/Industrial Relation’s mandate is to support in establishing, managing, and maintaining the relationship between the CBC/Radio-Canada, union representatives and the employees that the CBC/Radio-Canada unions represent. HR/IR consultants will provide assistance to management as well as being available to unions representatives.
  2. The unions are the recognized bargaining agents of CBC/Radio-Canada employees and their officers will be treated with fairness, courtesy and respect.
  3. Management will be trained on Collective agreements, changes thereto and Industrial Relations matters.
  4. When differences between management and union representatives cannot be resolved through communication and consultation, the grievance procedure will be administered promptly and professionally.
  5. HR/IR will take part in the formulation of business strategies and plans affecting employees. HR/IR will be responsible for managing the process that will allow the CBC/Radio-Canada to inform union representatives of business strategies, plans and their implementation as soon as approved.

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