Rules and Procedures on Language of Work

Effective Date: April 1, 2018
Responsibility: Vice-President, People and Culture


MTIS: Media Technology and Infrastructure Services

Partner Services: Finance, including the Shared Services Centre; Legal Services and Corporate Secretariat; People and Culture; and Strategy and Public Affairs


I. Second-Language Training

  1. CBC/Radio-Canada offers language training to employees in bilingual roles who want to improve their second-language skills. Language training for employees not in bilingual roles is at the supervisor’s discretion. Employees who do not have access to funded language training can take advantage of the language tools available on iO.

II. Predetermined Bilingual Positions*

Predetermined Bilingual Position

Minimum Second-Language Proficiency Levels
(see Appendix B)

Senior Executive Team (SET):

  • All SET positions are designated bilingual at the level found in the right column, with the exception of the positions of executive vice-presidents in English Services and French Services (which are predetermined below in this table)
  • Executive Assistant to SET member

MTIS and Partner Services positions:

  • All designated bilingual positions, except those in the executive group (which are predetermined below in this table)


Senior Executive Team (SET):

  • The positions of executive vice-presidents in English Services and French Services

MTIS and Partner Services positions:

  • All executive positions


MTIS and Partner Services positions:

  • For an Administrative Assistant to an executive

Every effort must be made to fill with a bilingual employee having BBB proficiency

*If a position is bilingual, it is expected that the candidate selected will be bilingual at time of hire. Only in exceptional circumstances, when a candidate who does not meet the language requirements but who significantly surpasses all other candidates, the candidate is hired on the condition that the bilingualism requirement is met within a reasonable time frame:

  • The candidate must enrol in language training funded through the Learning and Development Fund, until position language requirements are met.
  • Language training will be provided during paid time.
  • Backfill may be provided for the employee’s position, at management’s discretion.
  • Temporary administrative measures must be put in place until the situation is resolved.
  • The candidate must take a Corporation-administered second-language test each year to assess progress in meeting the position’s language requirements.
  • If significant progress is not made in two consecutive tests, the Corporation reserves the right to take appropriate staffing action, up to and including reassignment. If the lack of progress persists for three consecutive years, appropriate measures will be taken up to and including the end of employment.

Grandfather clause: These minimum second-language proficiency levels for bilingual positions apply solely to all hires or appointments made after the adoption of this policy.

III. Email and Telephone

All employees in bilingual positions must have email signature blocks, voicemail greetings, and automated messages in each official language.


All questions pertaining to the interpretation of this Rules and Procedures should be referred to your Human Representative.


  • Appendix B – Second Language Proficiency Levels

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