Policy on Learning & Development and Performance

Effective Date: December 1, 2015
Responsibility: Vice-President, People and Culture


This Policy applies to all CBC/Radio-Canada employees.

Governing policies and procedures for unionized employees found in the applicable collective agreements apply if they differ from this Policy and its subsidiary instruments.


To identify, develop and manage learning, development and performance activities which align the business requirements of the Corporation with employee requirements.


CBC/Radio-Canada supports employee learning, development and performance to encourage individual contribution and success, which in turn drive the culture and collective achievement of business performance and organizational outcomes.

Learning and development, as well as performance management, are the shared responsibility of managers at all levels, individual employees and the Learning and Development department.

All learning and development requirements must take into account the Corporation's overall business strategy and goals, departmental priorities and performance and developmental objectives of the employee. CBC/Radio-Canada funds its learning and development activities through the Learning and Development Fund.

The manager and the employee must formally discuss individual learning and development opportunities. All learning and development activities and their related costs (when applicable) must be agreed upon, approved and tracked in conjunction with the Learning and Development department.

CBC/Radio-Canada uses the annual performance cycle to connect each employee's work to the Corporation's organizational plans and priorities, strategic objectives and relevant performance and conduct standards.




  • Human Resources Policy 2.2.2: Employment Equity
  • Human Resources Policy 2.2.4: Compensation
  • Human Resources Policy 2.2.10: Discipline
  • Human Resources Policy 2.2.14: Official Languages
  • Human Resources Policy 2.2.21: Code of Conduct


This Policy replaces:

  • 2.2.8: Learning and Development
  • 2.2.9: Performance Management and Staff Development


All questions pertaining to the interpretation of this Policy should be referred to the local Human Resources office.


  • Appendix A – Governance of Learning and Development Activities and Funding
  • Appendix B – Learning and Development Categories

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