Rules and Procedures on the Annual Performance Cycle

Effective Date: December 1, 2015
Responsibility: Vice President, People and Culture


  1. All employees and managers participate in the annual performance cycle, which corresponds with the Corporation’s fiscal year.
  2. The annual performance cycle includes at least one conversation in each of the following phases:
    1. Goal-setting: The employee and his/her manager establish a performance agreement that sets out goals relating to business priorities, the employee’s competencies, development and conduct, as well as the manager’s role in helping the employee achieve these goals.
    2. Coaching: The employee and his/her manager exchange performance-driven feedback at a frequency appropriate to the employee’s role to encourage both the employee’s development and the accomplishment of the goals set out in the performance agreement.
    3. Annual review: The employee and his/her manager review the year’s activities, progress and accomplishments at the end of each fiscal year to provide input into the goal-setting phase of the next annual performance cycle.
  3. Following the annual review phase, the manager assesses each employee’s performance.
  4. If an employee disagrees with the performance review, he/she must discuss this with his/her manager. The goal of this discussion is to allow both parties to determine the point of disagreement, express their respective viewpoints and try to arrive at a solution. Should an agreement not be reached, the employee is able to document his/her disagreement with the performance review.


All questions pertaining to the application of these Rules and Procedures should be referred to the local Human Resources office.

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