Appendix B - Learning and Development Categories

The following are the learning and development categories in SAP Finance and the Learning Management System (LMS):

Health, Safety and the Environment

Training on health and safety. Topics covered include health and wellness, general health and safety, prevention, and the use of specialized equipment.


Training tied to news and information services, and journalistic competencies (e.g. narration, interview techniques, multi-platform news gathering and reporting, critical analysis, investigative journalism, live conversation, writing for the web, radio journalism, on-air presentation). Does not include technology-related training (e.g., Dalet) or classes on specific equipment.

Management and Leadership

Training tied to leadership and management tools and competencies. This category includes leadership programs and stand-alone courses (e.g. coaching, change management, collaboration, project management).

Operations, Maintenance and Systems (for Broadcasting)

Training tied to technical operations and maintenance, or new systems used for these production activities, specific to a media line and distinct from general journalism (e.g. demos, sound quality, camera, lighting, basic studio activities, interactive web page design, online research, graphic design, digital photography, switching, video, computer graphics, Avid, Dalet, On-Air, Microwave, JavaScript for the web).

Professional Skills

Training aimed at developing specific skills or competencies for a given profession, including those in non-media departments (e.g. language training, instructor training, customer service, business writing, sales, marketing, law, communications, human resources, finance, engineering and any other training resulting in a professional designation, e.g. CPA or CHRP/L, etc.).

Program Making

Training for staff involved in proagramming and show development (e.g. hosting, production, narration, directing, creative direction, drama, comedy, script development, directing for drama series, costumes, scenery, makeup).

Special Projects

Special or corporate-wide training projects (e.g. respect in the workplace workshop, seminar on retirement planning).

Technology and Information Technology

Computer training, not related to content production, involving hardware or software, including computer tools used at CBC/Radio-Canada (e.g. Google+, CAN, CNE, Novell, Livelink, Microsoft suite, Unix/Linux, SAP, Vision, Scheduling, Citrix).

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