Overview of Learning and Development Activities

The application, planning and confirmation of the Learning and Development budget take place throughout the fiscal year. The diagram below helps illustrate these processes.

Needs analysis: The Learning and Development department conducts an annual needs analysis. As part of this process, each department, with support from the Learning and Development department, determines its strategic priorities for the coming year.

The Learning and Development department consolidates the recurring and strategic needs for each component, and for the Corporation as a whole, for presentation to and approval by the National Learning Steering Committee and the appropriate Training Investment Steering Committees.

Funding approval and Budget confirmation: The Finance department advises of the funding approved for the year. Once the needs analysis is complete, the budget allocations are confirmed.

Design, development, implementation and evaluation: Design, development, implementation and evaluation of programs, courses or other activities, including updates as required to the needs analysis, are performed throughout the year, as per identified priorities and requirements.

Tracking and reporting: All incurred expenses for learning and development activities (including training-related data such as participants, course name, description, etc.) are tracked in the Learning Management System (LMS). The L&D Fund Administrator will monitor expenses as well as provide expense tracking reports to senior management.

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