Rules and Procedures on the CBC/Radio-Canada Learning and Development Fund

Effective Date: December 1, 2015
Responsibility: Vice President, People and Culture


CBC/Radio-Canada Learning and Development Fund (L&D Fund): A monetary fund made available across the organization by the Corporation to fund eligible learning and development requirements based on strategic, operational and individual priorities. The L&D Fund may also be used to support an employee who pursues a professional development path in line with organizational priorities.


  1. The Learning and Development department conducts an annual learning needs analysis. As part of this process, each department, with the support of the Learning and Development department, must determine its strategic priorities for the coming fiscal year, based on the following:
    • Needs identified in the organization’s strategic plan;
    • Component and department operational needs;
    • Job-related (employee) needs.

The Learning and Development department consolidates the recurring and strategic learning needs for each component, and for the Corporation as a whole, for presentation to the appropriate Training Investment Steering Committee(s) (TISC) and for approval by the National Learning Steering Committee (NLSC).

  1. In order for a learning and development activity to be eligible for funding by the CBC/Radio-Canada Learning and Development Fund (L&D Fund), it must:
    • Directly align with the organization’s strategic plan or the department’s business plan;
    • Directly link to the employee’s job function and development plan;
    • Improve a specific competency;
    • Include specific learning goals;
    • Include at least one assessment measure to determine learning outcomes, in addition to a baseline measure; and
    • Be tracked by the manager in the Learning Management System (LMS) and SAP (to record costs) in the corresponding learning and development category.
  2. The following expenses are covered by the L&D Fund, where eligible. Expenses that are not eligible for L&D Fund assistance must be assigned to another budget (operational or other).

Type of Expense


Design and development

  • E-learning development must follow the preferred vendor process and be in consultation with the Learning and Development department

Printing, Software, Room and Equipment Fees, Other required material

Professional coaching fee

  • For on-air and succession candidate coaching

Registration fee – External e-learning course or module

  • Must demonstrate linkage to professional certification, obligations or succession plan

Registration fee – Specialized training, Educational program or external courses

  • Must demonstrate linkage to professional certification, obligations or succession plan

Fees – Facilitation, Instructor, Trainer

Travel – Facilitator, Instructor, Trainer, Professional Coach

Travel – Participant

  • Depends on program or initiative

Note 1: Certain expenses could be refused based on analysis and available budgets.
Note 2: Learning and development activities incurring an expense related to capital initiatives are not part of the L&D Fund.

  1. The L&D Fund can be used for outsourcing only when an activity is not available in-house.
  2. Requests for funding through the L&D Fund must be authorized by the department and the Learning and Development department. The Learning and Development Fund Administrator distributes the available funds as allocated, based on the annual needs analysis and approvals.
  3. The Learning and Development department is entitled to amend budget allocations during the fiscal year based on available funds and current activities, with the approval of both the NLSC and the appropriate TISC(s).


All questions pertaining to the application of these Rules and Procedures should be referred to the local Human Resources office.


  • Appendix A – Governance of Learning and Development Activities and Funding
  • Appendix B – Learning and Development Categories

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