Directive on Banked Sick Leave

Effective Date: May 1, 2015
Responsibility: Vice-President, People and Culture


This Directive applies to a permanent employee who meets the following criteria:

  • He/she was on staff prior to April 1, 1977; and
  • He/she had unused sick leave credits as of March 31, 1977; and
  • He/she joined the STD Plan on April 1, 1977.


  1. An employee is entitled to use Banked Sick Leave when disabled, after STD benefits have ended and before LTD benefits start; or
  2. An employee who is receiving LTD benefits is permitted to withdraw and proceed on Banked Sick Leave if he/she:
    • ​Is disabled; and
    • Is receiving LTD benefits; and
    • Has sufficient Banked Sick Leave to guarantee disability income protection to retirement at age 65.
  3. ​​​The salary paid to an employee under these circumstances takes into account anniversary increases or any other negotiated increase (if applicable), to which the employee would have progressed had the LTD not occurred.
  4. Banked Sick Leave has no cash value and is therefore forfeited upon end of employment.


  • ​Rules and Procedures on Disability Leave and Benefits


All questions pertaining to the application of this Directive should be referred to the Shared Services Centre.​

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