Directive: Leave Purchase Plan

Effective Date: May 1, 2015
Responsibility: Vice President, People and Culture


This Directive applies to Management, Confidential and APS-affiliated employees who wish to purchase annual leave in addition to the leave entitlement outlined in their employment contract.

Note: Unionized employees should refer to the applicable collective agreement.


The Leave Purchase Plan (LPP) allows an eligible employee to purchase additional days of annual leave through payroll deductions.

  1. A permanent employee is eligible for the LPP, provided he/she is actively at work (as at March 31) and has no remaining annual leave credits for the previous fiscal year(s).
  2. A permanent full-time employee is entitled to purchase 5 days of annual leave, at a rate of 1.92% of base salary (plus 1.92% of eligible additional remuneration contracts) per pay.
  3. The number of days a permanent part-time employee is entitled to purchase is pro-rated. For example, if an employee worked 70% of a full-time schedule, he/she is entitled to purchase 5 days x 70%, or 3.5 days.
  4. Payroll deductions commence in April and end the following March (corresponding with the fiscal year).
  5. Leave days purchased in a fiscal year must be taken the following fiscal year.
  6. To enroll in the Plan (for the following fiscal year), an employee must fill out the online application prior to deadline date, as communicated during each fiscal year


To enrol, go to MySource under My Leave and Attendance / Additional Items / Leave Purchase Plan Application during the enrollment period (December 1 - March 3).


  • Rules and Procedures on Annual Leave


All questions pertaining to the application of this Directive should be referred to the Shared Services Centre.

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