Rules and Procedures on Special Leave

Effective Date: April 12, 2016
Responsibility: Vice-President, People and Culture


Immediate Family Member: Spouse/common-law partner; parent, child, grandchild, brother/sister, grandparent. Includes in-law and step relations, or any relative of the employee who resides permanently with the employee or with whom the employee permanently resides.


NOTE: Governing policies and procedures for unionized employees found in the applicable collective agreements apply if they differ from this policy and its related instruments.

  1. An employee with at least 13 weeks or more of continuous service is granted special leave, as per the table below.
  2. A manager must approve each request based on its merits and circumstances.
  3. An employee is permitted to use annual leave, time-in-lieu or leave without pay to supplement any longer period of absence with manager approval.

Type of Special Leave

Special Leave Entitlement



Up to 3 days of paid leave immediately following the day of death of an immediate family member

Up to 2 additional days of paid leave may be granted for travel time.

Unforeseen or Emergency Situation

Authorized paid leave to attend to an unforeseen event or emergency

Court Attendance

Paid leave when an employee is called or subpoenaed as a witness

No paid leave is granted if the employee is party to the litigation or is involved in a personal matter before the courts.

Jury Duty

Paid Leave

Upon receipt of a summons or jury notice. Any reimbursement paid to an employee is deducted from his/her regular pay.


5 days of paid leave at date of marriage

Employee must update marital status in HR portal.


1 day of paid leave for court appearance only

Employee must update marital status in HR portal.


1 day of paid leave

Employee must provide change of address.


All questions pertaining to the application of these Rules and Procedures should be referred to the Shared Services Centre.

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