Rules and Procedures on Workplace Injury Leave

Effective Date: May 1, 2015
Responsibility: Vice-President, People and Culture


Workplace Injury: Refer to The Hazardous Occurrence Investigation and Reporting Procedure.

Workplace Injury Leave: Leave granted to an employee who is compensated by the Workers’ Compensation Board for lost income during a period of workplace injury or illness.


NOTE: Governing policies and procedures for unionized employees found in the applicable collective agreements apply if they differ from this policy and its related instruments.

  1. An employee must report a work-related accident or illness to his/her immediate supervisor.
  2. In the event an injury requires an employee to leave the workplace to seek medical assistance, the employee must submit to CBC/Radio-Canada Disability Management the required medical information per the applicable province to justify the absence and/or functional limitations as soon as possible.
  3. CBC/Radio-Canada is entitled to ask the employee to produce evidence of good health from a licensed medical physician prior to returning to work.
  4. An employee who is disabled as a result of a workplace injury whose claim is not accepted by the appropriate Provincial Workers’ Compensation Board is entitled to make a claim through CBC/Radio-Canada’s Disability Leave and Benefits.
  5. An employee is not entitled to receive more than 100% of his/her salary while on Workplace Injury Leave.
  6. An employee continues to accumulate Annual Leave credits for the first 85 days of workplace injury leave.

Note: Workplace injury claims are reported to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada who forward the claims to the appropriate Provincial Workers’ Compensation Board for adjudication.


All questions pertaining to the application of these Rules and Procedures should be referred to the Shared Services Centre.

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