Policy 2.11.1: Parking

Effective: April 1, 2003
Responsibility: Executive Vice-President, Media Technology and Infrastructure Services


To standardize parking rates according to the local market conditions specific to each location and to optimize the management of parking spaces by leveraging this asset more efficiently.


Prior to 2003, management of parking spaces had never been comprehensively studied. Major variances in parking rates existed from one building to the next. As a result, employees in some buildings had to pay for parking while in others, access was free.

Moreover, the rates for paid parking spaces were generally not commensurate with local market values.


Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada: Guidelines, Responsibility for Parking


All questions pertaining to the interpretation or application of this policy should be referred to the Executive Vice-President, Media Technology and Infrastructure Services.


The Corporate Secretariat


Parking Guidelines

I - Employees' Responsibility for Transportation

CBC/Radio-Canada employees are normally expected to pay their commuting costs. Any CBC/Radio-Canada employee, who receives a special rate as part of their terms and conditions of employment, will be deemed to have received a taxable benefit, and as such, the amount of such benefit will be reported on the employee’s T-4/Relevé – 1.

II - Meeting Operational Needs

Parking spaces needed to meet operational requirements must be identified and approved by Real Estate Services (i.e. for the CBC/Radio-Canada auto fleet, for visitors or clients where commercial lots are not available or convenient, to meet specific conditions related to operations and to meet the requirements of municipal by-laws if applicable).

When there is excess parking capacity, Real Estate Services will assess the merits of disposing of it.

III - Application of Parking Fees

Real Estate Services will recommend the fees in order for them to be set the fees at market value, in accordance with the Treasury Board Secretariat Guidelines. Market value is determined by local market conditions and would normally take into account the availability and cost of commercial parking, public parking and street parking.

In some cases, a gradual increase of the parking fees over a reasonable period may be appropriate if a sudden fee increase could cause hardship.

IV - Other Considerations

Real Estate Services will ensure that employees and unions are provided with sufficient notice before any proposed increase in parking fees is implemented.

Policy Application Rules

Parking rates in CBC/Radio-Canada parking lots are determined in a manner so as to be competitive with local market prices. Therefore, rates may vary from one city to another.

Parking rates are reviewed annually and increases depend on local market trends

Parking spaces will be assigned on the following basis:

  • specifically identified positions (operational needs)
  • hierarchical levels
  • seniority, or other local established criteria

The local representatives of Real Estate Services and their delegates are in charge of assigning parking spaces.

Real Estate Services will recommend the rates for the following locations and the Senior Executive Team approves parking rates when changes are recommended.

  • Vancouver
  • Calgary
  • Regina
  • Saint Boniface
  • Winnipeg
  • Sudbury
  • Montreal
  • Fredericton
  • Moncton
  • Halifax
  • St. John’s (Nfld.)

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