Policy 1.3.1: Objectives and Values

Effective: June 20, 2006
Responsibility: Media Vice-Presidents


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is responsible for all that it carries on its broadcast, specialty and new media services. Everything carried on these services is subject to the provisions of CBC/Radio-Canada Programming Policies, which include the Advertising Standards described in this text.

As Canada’s national public broadcaster, the CBC/Radio-Canada adheres to a set of core values, ethics and standards that govern the operation of all its services.

As the CBC/Radio-Canada broadcasts in the public interest, it is essential that it maintain a proper perspective concerning its commercial activities. The CBC/Radio-Canada recognizes the effectiveness of television and new media as sales vehicles. The CBC/Radio-Canada also recognizes that the sale of commercial time or space on its television and new media services provides an important source of revenue. However, the CBC/Radio-Canada ’s first priority is to deliver distinctive, high-quality programs to its citizens and not consumers to advertisers.

CBC/Radio-Canada Advertising Standards are a set of policies, procedures and guidelines that determine the optimal conditions under which commercial messages are accepted for broadcast on CBC/Radio-Canada services. They govern the content, placement and scheduling of these messages.

All policies are interpreted in relation one to another. The objective is to ensure that advertising messages are presented with integrity and good taste and are not misleading.

Advertising Standards policies determine the types of programs or content that may be sponsored or interrupted for commercial messages, as well as the restrictions applied to the broadcast or placement of some kinds of advertisements and sponsorship messages.

All commercial messages carried on CBC/Radio-Canada services must be approved by appropriate Advertising Standards personnel prior to broadcast or placement. Advertising Standards policies guide Advertising Standards personnel in evaluating commercial messages for approval. They are not intended to create contractual obligations toward any third party.

In order to obtain timely approval, clients wishing to purchase space or time on CBC/Radio-Canada services should submit pre-production scripts to Advertising Standards offices. Failure to comply delays the approval process.

The CBC/Radio-Canada reserves the right to accept or refuse any commercial message, to limit the period of time for which a commercial message is approved, and/or to withdraw its approval.

The CBC/Radio-Canada does not sell program time.

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