1.3.3: Standards of Taste and Fair Representation

Effective: June 20, 2006
Responsibility: Media Vice-Presidents


Advertising material presented on CBC/Radio-Canada services must respect and reflect the generally accepted values and standards of contemporary Canadian society. All advertising is reviewed as to its suitability for introduction into the intimacy of the home.

The Corporation does not accept material promoting discrimination, stereotypes, socially unacceptable behaviour, gratuitous violence, obscene or profane language, or unfair representation.

However, this policy should not be taken as implying the rigid exclusion of anything that might give offence to one individual, since standards of taste and decency evolve over time and vary widely among individuals.

Advertising material presented on CBC/Radio-Canada services must satisfy the requirements of the Television Broadcasting Regulations pertaining to acceptable comment, language or pictorial representation. In determining the acceptability of a commercial message, the CBC/Radio-Canada will also be guided by the principles and standards it applies to its programs, including the CBC/Radio-Canada Guidelines on Sex‑Role Portrayal.

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