Policy 1.3.5: Endorsement

Effective: June 20, 2006
Responsibility: Media Vice-Presidents


The CBC/Radio-Canada does not endorse the products, services, or points of view of any advertiser. No advertisements broadcast or posted on CBC/Radio-Canada services may imply an endorsement or give the appearance of an endorsement on the part of the CBC/Radio-Canada. No advertisements may imply that the CBC/Radio-Canada uses a product or service, or advocates a point of view or course of action.

The CBC/Radio-Canada will not broadcast or post commercial messages in which CBC/Radio-Canada personalities endorse an advertiser's product, service, or point of view when such endorsement, in the CBC/Radio-Canada's opinion, compromises its independence, its integrity or the value of the CBC/Radio-Canada brand.

No person in a testimonial, endorsement or recommendation may be portrayed or referred to in a manner that is deceptive or misleading, or in a way that is injurious to the person or the person's profession (see also policy Truth in Advertising).

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