1.5 Free Time Political Broadcasts


The CBC/Radio-Canada takes the position that, during a general election campaign, it is part of the mandate of the national public broadcaster and in the best interest of the democratic process to make periods of program time available to duly registered political parties in order that they may have an opportunity to explain directly the platform for which they are seeking the support of the electorate.

Between general elections the Corporation makes program time available to political parties represented in the House of Commons and the provincial legislatures so that they may explain their positions on issues of interest directly to the citizens they represent.

The following policy provides the framework for the equitable allocation of free program time to qualifying parties during general election campaigns and between such campaigns. It also incorporates applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

The policy is divided into four sections. Each contain a general policy statement.

For information on this policy, contact the CBC Law Department.

1.5.1 Between federal general elections, the CBC/Radio-Canada provides free network program time to the federal parties to which the House of Commons has accorded official party status and privileges in the conduct of parliamentary business.

1.5.2 In every province, between provincial general elections, the CBC/Radio-Canada provides free program time on the provincial networks to qualifying political parties.

1.5.3 During federal general election campaigns, the CBC/Radio-Canada will provide free program time to duly registered political parties in accordance with the requirements of the Canada Elections Act and the Broadcasting Arbitrator’s Guidelines issued under the authority of the Act.

1.5.4 During a provincial or territorial general election campaign, the CBC/Radio-Canada will make free program time available to qualifying political parties.

Last updated: August 2011

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