• Handling of Complaints

    When a formal complaint is made against information published or broadcast by CBC (whether an in-house production or a report or documentary produced by a third party), the executive producer responsible for the content in question undertakes to reply promptly.

    If the complainant is not satisfied with the explanations given and the Ombudsman conducts a review, CBC undertakes to make the Ombudsman’s opinion accessible by, among other means, posting a link on an appropriate web page – for example, on a program page or a landing page.

  • Requests of Content

    Because much online material remains accessible indefinitely, we receive requests to remove stories by audience members who are either principals in stories, or are affected by them.

    We generally do not agree to requests to remove published material from our web pages.

    Our published content is a matter of public record. To change the content of previously published material alters that record. Altering the record could undermine our credibility and the public’s trust in our journalism.

    There can be exceptions to this position – where there are legal or personal safety considerations to the person named.

    Any decision to remove content is exceptional and is made by the Director.

    There are other remedies to consider; correcting inaccuracies or updating a story to provide details about its resolution can often address requests for deletion.

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