• Expression of opinion

    Our programs and platforms allow for the expression of a particular perspective or point of view. This content adds public understanding and debate on the issues of the day.

    When presenting content (programs, program segments, or digital content) where a single opinion or point of view is featured, we ensure that a diversity of perspective is provided across a network or platform and in an appropriate time frame.

    When we choose to present a single point of view :

    • it is clearly labeled, and

    • it does not misrepresent other points of view.

    Our value of impartiality precludes our news and current affairs staff from expressing their personal opinions on matters of controversy on all our platforms.

  • Commentators and guests

    CBC, in its programming, over time, provides a wide range of comment and opinion on significant issues.

    We achieve balance by featuring multiple perspectives and points of view to reflect a diversity of opinion.

    It is important to mention any association, affiliation or special interest a guest or commentator may have so that the public can fully understand that person's perspective.

  • CBC/Radio-Canada News and Current Affairs staff

    We are guided by the principle of impartiality.

    We provide our audience with the perspectives, facts and analysis they need to understand an issue or matter of public interest.

    CBC journalists do not express their own personal opinion because it affects the perception of impartiality and could affect an open and honest exploration of an issue.

    We maintain the same standards, no matter where we publish - on CBC platforms or in other media outside the CBC.

  • Audience

    We give our audience members an opportunity to express their opinion in order to enhance our reflection of Canadians' diverse views and sensibilities.

    No matter what platform or in what form - online comments, talkback, phone-ins, or digital contributions, this content is separate from our journalism. It is clearly distinguished from journalistic content.

    However, we exercise journalistic judgment about what we choose to publish and highlight. When making those choices, we take care that the material featured reflects the range of opinion the audience members expressed on an issue.

  • Point of View documentaries

    From time to time, we air documentaries created from a single perspective.

    We air these point of view documentaries for some of the following reasons:

    1) There is a compelling first person narrative that provides insight into an issue or perspective.

    2) The creator has special knowledge, expertise or a body of work that has artistic merit, and/or is recognized as an expert in a field.

    3) There is a compelling argument, well presented, for a single point of view that provides insight into a controversial subject and may provoke public debate.

    4) The production is not financed by an advocacy group, lobby group or government agency.

    We label point of view documentaries as such when they are aired.

    We ensure balance over time by publishing other perspectives and opinions on the same subject in other programs, program segments or platforms. When the subject is highly controversial, we consider scheduling additional programming with alternate opinions, in an appropriate time frame.

    CBC hosts and journalists do not participate in or create point of view documentaries.

    The Director should be consulted before a point of view documentary is procured and aired.

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