Policy 1.1.15: Production Credits

Effective: July 6, 1994

The production of a program is very much a team effort, requiring close co-operation among those providing production assistance, not all of which takes place behind a microphone or in front of a camera.

Credits are a form, over and above any financial compensation, of public recognition within the craft and trades of the broadcasting industry of those who contribute to the production of a program.


  1. Credits to employees and outside personnel participating in CBC/Radio-Canada programs are governed by two criteria: the degree of responsibility for the overall artistic and technical direction of the program; and the measure of creative effort contributed.
  2. Name credits must always pertain to persons actively involved in the production of the program, their selection being governed by network practices.

    Including special thanks credits will be governed by network practices.

    The Special Thanks category can be used to credit individuals or organizations that have made a special contribution to the program and have not been reimbursed in any manner. It can also be used to display the names of individuals or organizations with whom acknowledgement arrangements have been made.
  3. The time allowed for opening and closing credits will be governed by network practices.
  4. On-air credit may be given, when justified, for material procured under special circumstances from outside sources. Program Policy 1.1.10: Commercial Impact states the conditions which apply to credits for properties, costumes or special services supplied by outside organizations.
  5. The video credit to the Corporation's originating regional location, e.g. "A CBC/Radio-Canada Halifax Production," may be accompanied by an audio credit. When the program is uncomplicated or is not assembled by the Corporation, it may end with "A CBC/Radio-Canada Presentation from (name of location)." Montreal and Toronto programs will not credit originating location.
  6. The following copyright notice is to be used on all the programs including movies and feature presentations:

(In large lettering)
(In small lettering)
© All rights reserved (date)

Preceding should be full frame.

As this is a technical requirement to comply with the Universal Copyright Convention which offers protection for CBC/Radio-Canada programs outside Canada, strict compliance is essential.


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