Policy 1.1.21: CBC/Radio-Canada Program Content Responsibility

Effective: November 25, 1975


The Corporation maintains and exercises editorial authority, control and responsibility for the content of all programs broadcast on its facilities.

To meet the requirements of the Broadcasting Act and as a licensee of broadcasting undertakings, the Corporation will not delegate editorial responsibility for program­ming to any outside organization or individual. This does not preclude the Corporation from engaging in program co-production or collaboration, program procure­ment, or other special program arrangements with parties outside the Corporation.

All such arrangements are subject to the terms and conditions established by the Corporation or as required by law, and all completed programming produced or procured under such arrangements is subject to pre‑broadcast acceptance by the Corporation or its representatives and on such terms and conditions as the Corporation may decide (or as may be required by law), including compliance with Corporation policies governing standards of quality, fairness, impartiality and objectivity, as well as with reasonable professional standards of overall production.


Interpretation of and program acceptance or rejection under these and other Corporate criteria rest solely with representatives of the Corporation.

Ottawa, August 6, 1976

1. Formerly designated Corporate Policy No. 3

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