Policy 1.1.24: Affiliated Stations

Effective: May 1, 1993


The 1991 Broadcasting Act, Section 3 (m) (vii) requires that the programming provided by the Corporation "be made available throughout Canada by the most appropriate and efficient means and as resources become available for the purpose".

In most areas of the country, CBC/Radio-Canada-owned-and-operated stations have been licensed and established to provide this service. In other areas, privately-owned companies have been licensed to carry on broadcasting transmitting undertakings as outlets for the national service under affiliation agreements with the Corporation. The Corporation considers that such stations are an integral part of the Corporation's distribution system, and should share with CBC/Radio-Canada stations a common responsibility to achieve the national program objectives required by the Broadcasting Act.


The primary objective of the Corporation in its relationship with its affiliated stations is to provide the most effective distribution of the national service to Canadians served by affiliated stations, consistent with the affiliates' licence responsibility to provide local area program services.

CBC/Radio-Canada's basic policies with regard to affiliated stations for radio and television services are as follows:

1. Radio

To phase out the use of affiliated stations and to replace such affiliates with CBC/Radio-Canada-owned-and-operated stations or transmitters, as resources become available. However, in areas where the Corporation does not, in the near term, plan to establish an O' & O' transmitter, CBC/Radio-Canada may consider entering into or maintaining affiliation agreements with privately-owned stations.

2. Television

In the absence of CBC/Radio-Canada's O' & O' stations, to maintain affiliation agreements with privately-owned stations to ensure maximum distribution of CBC national television service.

The Corporation may consider establishing O' & O' stations or transmitters in order to replace facilities serving areas covered by an affiliate, or acquiring privately-owned affiliated stations, where this is required in order for the Corporation to meet its programming objectives or where it is clearly justified as a more cost effective means of distributing the national service.


Affiliate Relations, Head Office, will establish, as required, functional policy guidelines to meet the requirements of these corporate policy objectives regarding affiliated stations for CBC/Radio-Canada radio and television services.

1. Formerly designated Corporate Policy No. 8

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