Policy 1.1.25: Retention of Recorded Videotapes

Effective: August 3, 1978


Most CBC/Radio-Canada television programs are recorded on videotape. Their retention after broadcast depends upon their further usefulness to the Corporation.


The retention of videotaped programs is determined by their possible further use on network shows or by regional centres, exchanges with foreign television organizations, sales to organizations or individuals, preservation in local and national archives, and preservation in the fund of visual resources for information, consultation and training purposes. The Corporation must preserve all programs of significant character or quality, whether of an artistic, cultural, religious, scientific, political, sports or historical nature.

Decisions to retain or erase videotaped material must be guided by the Corporation’s need to release for reuse as much tape as possible while minimizing the inadvertent loss of valuable program material. At the same time, consideration of the retention of videotaped material must take into account the increases in capital costs, storage space, and record keeping that uncontrolled retention would lead to.


Responsibility for the implementation and application of this policy, including the establishment of maximum videotape inventory levels, duration and nature of retention periods, standards for storage and record keeping, and necessary control mechanisms, rests with network and Regional Broadcasting management.

Ottawa, March 5, 1984

1. Formerly designated Corporate Policy No. 9

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