Policy 1.1.31: Broadcasts of National Importance

Entrée en vigueur : le 22 juin 1982
Révisée : le 1er novembre 1994


Certain events of national importance warrant full or extended live television coverage on the networks, including pre-emption of other programming. These events are:

  • Opening of Parliament
  • Leaders' Day in the Throne Speech Debate
  • Budget Speech
  • Federal-Provincial first ministers' conferences
  • State occasions: Royal visits, State funerals, major commemorative occasions
  • Bona fide leadership conventions of the major federal political parties

There are other events which may be of sufficient importance that it would be appropriate to accord them live coverage, involving pre-emption of programming. Occasions of this type include:

  • Major parliamentary debates
  • Policy conventions of the major federal political parties
  • Interprovincial first ministers' conferences.

On these occasions there must be a harmonization between the English and French services, so that the two networks broadcast the events in an approximately equivalent manner. It will be the responsibility of the senior officers in information programming to initiate consultations to this end. Disagreements will be resolved by the Senior Vice-President, Media.

Live coverage under this category requires the authorization of the respective vice-presidents and the Senior Vice-President, Media .2

When an event of national importance is political in character, care will be taken to ensure that in the course of the special coverage the Corporation's policies with regard to journalistic fairness and balance will be maintained. This would mean that for parliamentary events, approximately equivalent treatment should be given to the leading speaker for each of the parties. Similar treatment should be accorded each major participant in party conventions or in first ministers' conferences.

Corporate Secretariat
November 1994

1. Formerly designated Corporate Policy No. 18
2. See also Policy 1.1.20, Extended Distribution of Broadcasts of National or Regional Importance.

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