Policy 1.1.34: Coproductions with Government Departments/Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations

Effective: November 25, 1985

At their meeting of November 25, 1985, the CBC/Radio-Canada Directors approved the following policy on coproductions.


Programs developed through coproduction can benefit the Corporation in many ways, including access to new audiences and world-wide markets, programming enrichment through a broader range of subject matter, and increased efficiency of production budgets.

However, coproduction arrangements between the CBC/Radio-Canada and government departments/agencies and non-profit organizations should be approached with prudence in view of the increased sensitivity inherent in such situations.

The artistic and editorial content and format of such programs must comply with CBC/Radio-Canada policies, especially those relating to such areas as conflict of interest vis-à-vis program content and the department/agency or organization involved.

This policy also applies to a third party or independent producer acting on behalf of a government department/agency or a non-profit organization.


Every coproduction must be cleared at the operational vice-presidential level and at the director level in Radio Canada International. Contractual and procedural details must be established and understood by all parties before any firm CBC/Radio-Canada commitment is made.

Ottawa, January 6, 1986

1. Formerly designated Corporate Policy No. 21

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