Corporate Plan Summary

As Canada's national public broadcaster, the CBC/Radio-Canada exists to help Canadians understand and appreciate themselves within both the Canadian and world contexts. In essence, Canadians turn to their national public broadcaster to help them connect to the Canadian experience.

This mandate presents considerable challenges. Increased competition for viewers and listeners and the economics of Canadian programming is putting intense pressure on broadcasters' business models. Concerns about media concentration and the need to enhance diversity of editorial content are becoming increasingly important. In this context, the Corporation's role in offering Canadians a wide range of voices and perspectives is critical.

Over the past three years, CBC/Radio-Canada has dramatically re-shaped itself to respond to these challenges. The Corporation has sought to bring Canadians greater value for their investment by fundamentally transforming its programming, operations and management.

CBC/Radio-Canada Corporate Plan - Summary
(presented to the Minister of Canadian Heritage)

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