2018-2021 Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Diversity and Inclusion 2018-2021 Plan - Featuring a picture of Pauline Pemik, Producer, CBC North, Iqaluit
At CBC/Radio-Canada, we aspire to be the media leader in drawing on the wealth of unique Canadian perspectives to shape who we are. We believe in celebrating human differences, and that there is no other way to become the best public broadcaster for all Canadians.

We’ve made considerable progress over the past few years, and our workforce is now made up of an array of backgrounds as we strive to keep reflecting the evolving demographics of our country. But we believe that having a diverse workforce is only the beginning.

Our workplace culture must be truly inclusive, where everyone feels that his/her voice, views and ideas are valued. It's these different perspectives that are integral to our broadened understanding of one another and the rich fabric that makes up our country. This is also what will better position us to keep creating a wide range of content that informs, enlightens and entertains our nation’s diverse population.

We know we still have a lot of work to do and that there is no end point to inclusiveness. But with our 2018-21 Diversity and Inclusion Plan, we believe that there is a clear way forward to achieve the future we envision and to keep learning along the way.


*ERG: Employee Resource Group

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