2018-21 Journey

Diversity and Inclusion 2018-2021 Plan - Featuring a picture of Pauline Pemik, Producer, CBC North, Iqaluit

2018-21 Journey

How we came up with this new Plan

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From the moment we started thinking about this new Plan, it was clear that we had to reinvent our process to ensure we had better employee perspectives and a much more tailored approach, rooted in our mandate, for each of our main business units.

Over nine months, we reviewed our activities with management and union employees. The Senior Executive Team Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (SETCDI), created in 2017, guided the three-year Plan renewal process through all of the main steps. The SETCDI is sponsored by our President and CEO, chaired by our Vice-President of People and Culture and composed of, among others, three other Senior Executive Team members (i.e., Executive Vice-President, English Services; Executive Vice-President, French Services; and Vice-President, Strategy and Public Affairs).

We also conducted individual interviews (including with the majority of our Senior Executive Team members), employee focus groups divided by employment equity groups, an employment workflow analysis and reviews of the previous three-year plan. Throughout all of the steps, we considered the principles of both the Canadian Human Rights Act and Employment Equity Act. Based on our findings, diagnostic and strategic sessions in multiple components were held with senior employees from all of the main business units. Finally, and based on the insights of all the prior work, a visioning exercise was conducted, resulting in a new strategic framework that was approved by the SETCDI (as shown above).

But we didn’t stop there. Invigorated by the strategic framework, each of our main business units developed their own action plans tailored to their specific realities and under their own accountabilities. Four main action plans were created, one for each of the following areas: CBC (English Services), Radio-Canada (French Services), MTIS and partners1, and, finally, one at the national level. To come up with the national action plan, a People and Culture working committee was established and their recommendations were reviewed by stakeholders, including our Joint Employment Equity Committee (JEEC), made up of representatives of management and all labour unions – to which we dedicated a special full-day session – and all vice-presidents of our Senior Executive Team. Finally, the Plan was presented to our Board of Directors and then launched both internally and externally.

Implementation and monitoring of the new Plan

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The Plan will be reviewed and adapted annually by People and Culture and the JEEC. Final decisions on changes to the Plan rest with the Corporation. The Plan indicates the component accountable for developing and implementing a tactical action plan to implement each activity. For the national action plan, the Talent Management Team will assess progress and measure success against established objectives and activities. Other action plans will be reviewed through component-specific accountabilities.

Overall workforce progress will be measured using the employee representation data reported in the employment equity annual report prepared for Employment and Social Development Canada (Labour Program), as well as the results of the annual workforce analysis, to determine whether gaps in our workforce representation are closing. In addition to numerical data, records on activities relating to communication, consultation, monitoring and revision of the Plan, their results and any subsequent actions will also be maintained. New workforce analysis will be prepared in 2019 and 2020, in order to update numeric goals to reflect the most recent internal census. Status updates for all of our action plans will be published regularly.

Highlights and Lessons Learned

1. MTIS stands for Media Technology and Infrastructure Services. Partners refer to the following components: Finance; Legal Services and Corporate Secretariat; People and Culture; and Strategy and Public Affairs.

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