2015-18 Highlights

Diversity and Inclusion 2018-2021 Plan - Featuring a picture of Pauline Pemik, Producer, CBC North, Iqaluit

2015-18 Highlights

Progress achieved

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We at CBC/Radio-Canada have come to embrace inclusion as a mindset. We’ve deepened our thinking from focusing mainly on numbers and compliance to something that is far more encompassing and that enables us to become ever more relevant to more Canadians.

At the corporate level, People and Culture – our HR department – ensures that the Corporation is focused on attracting, recruiting and developing a diversified workforce and that we foster an inclusive workplace culture. However, many other stakeholders play roles that are just as important in terms of diversity and inclusion, such as the CBC Engagement and Inclusion and Radio-Canada Diversity and Community Relationship departments.

Under the stewardship of People and Culture, CBC/Radio-Canada developed and implemented the 2015-18 Diversity and Inclusion Plan. Other major activities were undertaken in addition to those identified in the 2015-18 Plan.

Here are some highlights:

Emerging Leaders

Developing Emerging Leaders Program
at CBC

Since 2017, this 10-month program, which uses a combination of in-class theory, experiential learning, exposure to senior leaders, mentoring, assignments and shadowing, is meant to equip diverse employees with insights, tools and strategies to skilfully take their careers to the next level with confidence and purpose.

Indigenous Paid Internships

Indigenous Paid Internships at Radio‑Canada

Since 2016, one-year paid internships allow Indigenous reporters to join our regional and network newsrooms. In 2018, the program expanded beyond News to welcome Indigenous interns in TV production. The end goal of this program is to establish a long-term professional relationship between the interns and CBC/Radio-Canada.

Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious Bias Training

Since 2017, all of our senior leaders are going through unconscious bias and inclusive leadership training to help foster a culture of inclusiveness – one of our core values. Similar training is also provided to other employees across the organization.

Beat Blue Monday

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

There are many ERGs across the Corporation made up of employees who have come together to share common backgrounds and experiences and to foster a greater sense of belonging.

Remaining challenges

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Between 2015 and 2018, the Corporation’s workplace culture became increasingly inclusive, as demonstrated in part by meaningful year-over-year increases in employee engagement, especially with respect to the creation of an open and trusting environment in which people’s opinions count.

Our workforce also became more representative of the Canadian population and, inspired by our successes in becoming a gender parity leader in the Canadian media industry, we reached our national goal of Indigenous representation. We also saw a 40% increase in the number of members of visible minorities.

We need to continue to accelerate the change in the composition of our workforce in order to move faster than demographic changes and, in doing so, close in on our national – and sometimes local – representation gaps, especially for Indigenous peoples, people with disabilities and visible minorities.

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