Vice-President's Message

Message from Sylvie Gadoury

As the executive responsible for Health, Safety and Environment at CBC/Radio-Canada, it gives me great pleasure to present this latest edition of our Environmental Performance Report. In addition to covering the 2017–2018 period, it marks 10 years that we’ve been sharing and showcasing our environmental performance.

This is a significant milestone. We’ve come a long way in this time, launching a number of initiatives, many still active today, all with an eye to achieving environmental sustainability. These range from the LED upgrades in several of our studios and worksites across the country to our honeybee biodiversity program.

Of course, special thanks and recognition also goes out to all employees who are involved in the many ways we apply principles that are mindful of the environment to help reduce our footprint. The high-level results of these efforts are conveyed through our scorecard, and they are the outcome of our many ongoing processes and projects, including our e-waste and recycling programs and enhancements to our cooling systems. Our desire for sustainability is also evident in the many ways we’re pushing forward with newer initiatives like our furniture recycling program, the evolution of our fleet of vehicles, and in the moves we’ve made in some parts of the country to newer, more energy efficient buildings.

Being sustainable requires ongoing effort and creativity. The past decade has shown that we have an abundance of both, and I am confident we have the means to continue working in ways that help minimize our impact on the environment and aid in ensuring a better world for future generations.

Sylvie Gadoury
Vice-president Legal Services, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

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