Environmental Performance Report 2011–2012


As Canada’s public broadcaster, we connect with Canadians, everywhere, every way. The broadcasting landscape around us is changing rapidly, but in all of our activities, we do our best to minimize our environmental footprint.

We’ve measured our performance in 2011–2012, and now we’re sharing our progress with you. Read on to learn more about our accomplishments and, more important, our direction for the future.

2011–2012 Quick Facts

Nearly 250 aging and obsolete printing devices in our Ottawa facility were recycled by GEEP (Global Electric Electronic Processing) a certified electronic waste recycling company
We began replacing our older vehicles with smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles, training drivers and decreasing fleet numbers. We also began a trial program examining the use of hybrid vehicles in the Corporation.
Our studios in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Yellowknife completed the transition to LED lighting. Going forward, we will only invest in LED production fixtures.
We reduced the square footage of our buildings by almost 130,000 square feet. Consequently, our facilities have become more functional, more efficient and require less investment in maintenance and infrastructure.
Two of our locations – Charlottetown and Frederiction – were added to our list of buildings with BOMA BESt certification. Just over 95 per cent of our employees work in BOMA BESt-certified buildings.
We implemented new e-waste recycling programs in Halifax, Carp (Ontario), Regina and Saskatoon, increasing the reach and results of our environmental program.

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