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— Starbuck, Manitoba

Maintaining a healthy workplace

CBC/Radio-Canada has implemented various prevention activities to support legislative requirements and minimize environmental risks.

Water and indoor air quality

Preventative assessments are performed to ensure that CBC/Radio-Canada employees are working in healthy environments. Based on a five-year plan for water quality tests and a three-year plan for indoor air quality tests, five buildings and 11 buildings were evaluated, respectively.


In 2011–2012, we developed and implemented a formalized Asbestos Management Plan and continued to reassess asbestos-containing materials in our buildings. This allowed CBC/Radio-Canada to identify affected areas, implement corrective measures to protect the health and safety of employees, and ensure proper disposal of any hazardous material.


A National Radon Testing Program for federal buildings was launched in 2009–2010. CBC/Radio-Canada continues to participate in this initiative with guidance from Health Canada. To date, no excessive concentrations of radon have been detected in any of our buildings.

Species at risk

As required, assessments are carried out to identify at risk species that may be affected by our operations and to take corrective measures. Based on our guidelines, one assessment was necessary, following which mitigation measures were implemented.

Mould management

Corrective measures are taken whenever mould is detected at our sites. This year, one abatement project was carried out and all deficiencies were corrected.

Environmental site assessments

Preventative Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are conducted to determine risk levels (and restoration costs, as needed) associated with potential contamination on our properties. Based on a four-year cycle, five properties were assessed.

In addition, for transmission, nine Phase I ESAs and three Enhanced Phase I ESAs, one Wetland Assessment, one Soil Profile Study and one Soil Test Pit Program were conducted. For real estate, six Phase I updates, one environmental investigation and one remediation were completed.

Internal compliance audits

We regularly undertake internal compliance audits to identify building-related environmental risks and to determine how compliant our facilities are with existing procedures and applicable regulations. These reviews are completed in accordance with our five-year audit plan. In 2011–2012, three buildings were audited.

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