We believe in doing things right when it comes to the environment. We believe in a better future, for all Canadians.

This annual report shares our corporate environmental story: where we’ve made progress and where challenges remain for us to tackle in the future.

highlights from 2012–2013

This year, nationally, we:

More than doubled the amount of e-waste we diverted from landfill: a whopping 277.9 metric tons.
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Decreased our total air emissions by 13 per cent and overall energy consumption by 8.4 per cent.
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Recycled another 103 metric tons of e-waste and scrap metal as a part of our analogue television decommissioning activities.
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New initiatives were also introduced in cities across the country. We:

Diverted 57,852 plastic water bottles from landfill in Toronto in only three months.
Collected and recycled a monthly average of 45 kilograms of soft plastic and 1,100 kilograms of organic material in Vancouver.
Recycled 3.98 metric tonnes of e-waste from Whitehorse and another 8.34 metric tonnes from Yellowknife.
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