In the Green Spotlight

A few stories we’re especially proud of this year

The success of our environmental program starts with our employees: the people who envision new initiatives, the teams that lead our greening projects and everyone who embraces our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint.

From diverting e-waste in the North to the continued implementation of our Print Optimization Project to the introduction of a soft plastics recycling and organic composting program in Vancouver, here are a few of our favorite projects from this year:

E-waste Recycling in
the North

CBC/Radio-Canada has found feasible and environmentally responsible ways to collect and recycle the e-waste from its stations above the 60th parallel.


Decommissioning of analogue Transmission sites

On July 31, 2012, we shut down our 607 analogue television services. Not only have we already reduced our overall annual energy consumption by 8.4 per cent, we’re disposing of our analogue transmission network in a responsible way.


CBC Vancouver: Keeping Soft Plastics and Organics Out of Local Landfill

A partnership with a local company and our people’s desire to do their part for the environment leads to a recycling program that’s the first of its kind at CBC/Radio-Canada.


Cell Phone Transition Project

This year, all company cell phones were migrated to Rogers Mobility, taking advantage of the Rogers Government of Canada rate plan. Not only are we reducing costs, we’re ensuring the transition is completed in an environmentally friendly way. As of March 31, 2013, 576 units were recycled or responsibly refurbished and we expect a total of 6,191 old cell phones will be collected and responsibly recycled when the project is complete.

Print Optimization Project

At CBC/Radio-Canada, we’re optimising our printing resources — to save money, reduce our environmental footprint and improve our printing services — by replacing our old printers with new, EnergyStar-compliant devices.


Boomerang Box in Toronto

Working together with Office Max, we introduced a new cardboard recycling program at CBC Toronto. All our orders placed through Office Max are delivered in a Boomerang Box, a reusable shipping solution intended to replace the traditional one-time use cardboard box. We’re now expanding the program to other CBC/Radio-Canada locations.

Greening our Fleet

In recent years, we have taken steps to reduce the carbon footprint of our vehicle fleet. Most of our production teams now use vehicles that offer lower fuel consumption.


LED transition project

CBC lighting director Brad Dickson has designed the use of exclusive LED lighting in our television studios, leading the way worldwide in conserving energy, reducing waste and radically reducing the Corporation’s carbon footprint.


Green spotlight activities

In 2012–2013, the Green Spotlight also focused on various national environmental events and communication activities including:

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